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If you are having a bad day or just need a bit of cheering up or a good time, check out the "I love you alive" blog!

hello, please where can I get the code from your Pandora Hearts's theme? >.<
─ Anonymous

I don’t have a PH theme? The theme I used is credited in the links, and as for the sidebar pictures they’re small caps/edits I made a while back, if you want the code for the changing sidebar pictures, it’s here, but otherwise I’m afraid I can’t help you. Or was this about something else than tumblr blog theme and I mistook entirely?

Just a little note for those who didn’t see, I am currently blogging on mashmallowpumpkin, I changed blogs to be more free to rant about my problems since I’m having a bit of a hard time right now, it’s not what I post most though so you can follow me if you want, I really don’t know when I will come back here.

Also thank you to my new followers who joined despite the inactivity!

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Oh my I didn’t know you were having so much trouble with uni. Still I’m glad your at least a bit happier now. Hopefully we’ll see you soon Csy okay. Look after yourself x

Don’t worry I will <3 And I still plan on going to Midlands, I’ll do my best but it’s like 85% sure I’ll go since it was planned so early ~ 



oh my goodness I had no idea what was going on, i thought it was something relatively minor to begin with ;__; You take LOTS AND LOTS OF CARE and you’ll be in my thoughts Alice!

 Don’t worry it’s not that bad really x) I was just stupid to let it go on and hide it, I should have known better, but now it’s going in the good direction so yupe no worries /o/ 



I’m glad you seem to be better already! Uhm, may I have your address please? You know, for unexpected Christmas cards or other things, y’know. Hmnn. Also, checking out that other blog of yours right now. Damn, I missed out a lot D: 

 Yepe yepe sending it to you right away in PM ~ and I’ll need yours also missy I hope you know that, although I’m sorry I suck at sending things in due time and just at normal mailing, I keep all my cards and letters super close to be and then procrastinate way too much when it comes to answering ‘orz I did buy a lot of stamps to send letter abroad though! And good luck for that blog, already 258 posts on there XDD

Some news on here, about my life so you may skip if you want /o/

So basically, to those who didn’t know yet, I dropped out of uni, haven’t gone for two weeks and basically locked myself into my room all week long until the week-ends where I went to my parents.

Things are getting better, a bit, I still have absolutely no confidence but with my mother’s help I have a bit of an idea with what I’ll do next.

First of all I’m moving back home, which means that those of you who had my new address don’t need it anymore, ask me my old one if you don’t have it yet, I’ll try to contact as many of you with PMs but I’m not sure who has it and who doesn’t *sigh* 

Concerning studies, I’ll take lessons/formations by correspondence, haven’t decided yet if German or Psychology, and I might try to get a job as well. 

Things are moving forward a bit, I’m still a mess and in a mess but we’re moving on and not being too slow about it so I guess in itself it’s a good news.

Also for the time being, as I said in my last two posts, I’ll be on this blog instead, just for the time for things to settle in ‘cause I don’t trust myself to not make depressing panicky text posts again and most of you don’t need that on your dashboard, so moving to a safety area for now.

Thank you for reading if you have, and have a good day/night! 

Just a quick reminder that I moved here for the next few weeks until I go back to everything being solved in my life, this change being in case I rumble too much about my life so that I don’t depress any of you /o/ It might last about a month.

For those who want to follow my blogging, I’m on this blog for a while.

It is some kind of safety blog, to which I will go back when things are a bit too wrong or messed up, I did this because many of you already have your own problems to deal with, and I can be pretty depressing and annoying lately.

I’ll come back on here eventually anyway so don’t worry about it, besides things are starting to get a bit better for me so yay!



For the people who never heard the french version of Once Upon a December from  Anastasia, listen to it! This might be the best version of all =)

Sung by Katya Marcosy. 

You do you find it?!

back to hiatus on here, sorry for the little politic flood, and thank you to all of you for the March Hare edit, your comments made my day <3

and thank you to my new followers too!